16 thoughts on “Spring Turned to Snow Before the Storm

    • Thank you, Bill!! It was an interesting weather situation. A storm was announced all in good time. A remarkable weather change within few hours ended with a lovely cover of snow and then came the storm.
      All the best,

    • Thank you so much, Klaus!! We had a dramatic weather change before the storm came rolling in.
      I saw you had that pleasure too in Cley.
      A wonderful story told in text and phenomenal pictures.
      All the best to the Four of Cley 🙂

      • Dear Hanna,
        now we have sunshine and it’s too warm for February.
        Wishing you a wonderful rest of this week
        The Fab Four of Cley
        🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Thanks a lot!! There was a remarkable weather change within few hours ending with a lovely cover of snow 🌟💕 Awesome to watch 🙂

    • Mange tak, Leya. Julevejret var smukt. Ellers skal vi være hurtigt ude, når sneen falder. Den kan hurtigt smelte igen 🙂
      Der har dog været adskillige lejligheder til at opleve snevejr. Det sidste forrygende vejr var før den sidste storm. Temperaturen faldt 5-6 grader inden for kort tid, og sneen faldt, og vi kom næsten i julestemning én gang til 🎁✨

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