The Marvelous Hawthorn

It is told that in 1999 work was interrupted on the main road from Limerick to Galway because a fairy tree stood in its path.
The road had to be rerouted and construction was delayed for 10 years: Irish Times

8 thoughts on “The Marvelous Hawthorn

    • Thank you so much, Elisabeth. Denmark is enchanted with hawthorn right now 🤩
      Wish you a lovely weekend to you too!!
      Thanks for new url 🤗

  1. They should do that in more places rather that cutting trees down. Nice photo, i haven’t seen hawthorn before.

    • Thanks a lot, Roger!! I love hawthorn because of their light and all the stories told about them ❤ 😊

    • It’s not Ireland alone which is superstitious regarding the hawthorn 😊
      The Danish farmers have theirs, too.

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