14 thoughts on “A New Beginning

    • Thanks, Mike. It’s a miracle every spring when the flower buds burst.
      Wish you lots of happy Spring Walks!! 😊

  1. So beautiful seeing the Spring life emerge. What’s that too tree? The buds on the branches are cute!

    • Hi Ab. In Denmark we call willow flowers for goslings, because of the similarity with the geese chicks.
      In England they are called Pussy willow.
      The English have many sweet stories of willow flowers, and of course the Elves are involved.

      There is of course also a story of some very small kittens 😊

      “When furry buds are all about
      Upon the pussy willows,
      The Fairy folk soon find it out
      And use it for their pillows…” *Pinterest

      • Oh, we have pussy willows here too. 😂 They just look different when they’re smaller I guess and so cuteness.

        I do appreciate the additional context you’ve shared. I love when we can incorporate fantastical elements like elves into the mix too!

    • Good to hear of your spring too, Curt. The flowers are wonderful, signalising the last hustle and bustle of winter and the beginning of spring.
      How inventive they are, the willow flowers. Born with a coat in case the snow should return 💡😊

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