Let’s Celebrate the Sea

The weather has been changing a lot lately. April fulfills her reputation 😊

We went off to the sea, but before we left home we checked the chill factor – and put on an extra layer.

They sat there on the beach in a row, people. The sun was shining, but a strong, icy cold wind was coming from the north. I couldn’t help but thinking how the sea saw the row on the beach. As if a sea can see?
They sat wrapped in blankets. The blankets they should have been sitting on. But they stayed. Just a little bit more.
The sea was unfolding its ever-changing canvas, and they could miss something:
A lovely cloud, a sharply delineated ship on the horizon, the screaming seabirds or the patrol of the oystercatchers. The sound when a wave breaks on the reef, or a nice ripple on the seventh wave.
It’s not a goodbye, but see you later ❤

My small collection of beach photos illustrate the ever-changing canvas

Leave Nothing But Your Footprint ❤ Happy Walk

11 thoughts on “Let’s Celebrate the Sea

    • Mei, thank you for your lovely words. It is unique to explore along the coast. The landscape is changing, always 🙂
      All the best,

    • Thanks a lot, Peter. In a way I wish I was!!!
      A nice place out in the countryside far enough away to be offline. Though we settle for small outings instead.
      Have you been on a trip to the Wadden Sea?
      I thought your yellow photo theme would fit perfectly here at Easter 🙂 🐤🐣🐥

      • Small outings are fun too Hanna. Like I am at the moment, close to the shore but in quite a different area then what I’m used to. The Wadden Sea I know rather well. I was born on the Wadden Island Ameland. I had a look at the German Wattenmeer and the Danish Vadehavet as well. I know of a guy who has been visiting every island, from Texel up to the very northen Danish one, inhabited and uninhabited or even forbidden. I envy him! All of the Wadden Sea is beautiful. I wish you a most pleasnant outing!

      • The Wadden Sea is the largest unbroken system of intertidal sand and mud flats in the world* Unesco
        The envy spreads 😀
        The landscape is beautiful and distinctive. I am a little envious of you. Imagine growing up in such a place. I understand you’re a bit envious of your friend too 😉
        We once had a holiday by the Wadden Sea. It was unforgettable.
        I would like to experience the Wadden Sea again. Like in an expanded version, but with lots of time. Can I borrow your friends boat and map?
        Just kidding!!
        I wish you great outings too!!

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