The Pathless Woods

There are some trails in the forest, but they are not consistent with my old topographic map. My compass lies on my desk top at home but I’ll find the direction using the sun.

It was one of the first walks, I tested for my self in unknown terrain. I went west towards the wonderful sea.

The sun stood low in the horizon when I finally reached my destination, and I enjoyed the silence while I ate my last supplies.
Back again on the country road I found a bus heading towards the train station. It was deeply satisfying to find my way using a map and the slope of the sun.

Subsequently, I always bring a compass with me, but now also a phone with access to Viewranger and Komoot 😊

“There is pleasure in the pathless woods. There is rapture on the lonely shore. There is society where none intrudes, by the deep sea and music in its roar. I love not man the less, but Nature more.”
~ Lord Byron

Take pleasure in finding your own paths and leave only your footprints behind.

Happy walks 😍

17 thoughts on “The Pathless Woods

    • Thank you, Robin. It is such a thrill to walk and explore. I love taking the train out into the countryside. Wander through new landscapes, and find another way home.
      Back home, it feels like I’ve been on a holiday 😍 Mindfulness ❤

    • Thanks a lot, George. I find the Lord Byron quote appropriate for several of my walks. It is with a great sense of freedom to decide on a destination, and then plan a deserted route if possible. That gives me the peace to reveal the secrets of a landscape. It is consciousness-expanding, without being harmful to health 🙂

  1. Beautiful post and photos! I totally agree with the quote by Lord Byron. I’m not sure I could quite do what you did but there is such a sense of adventure in doing so, I can imagine!

    • Thank you, Ab. It is highly addictive ❤
      It will not cause major problems in Denmark to set out without a map and compass when you disregard the winter months.
      I had a friend whose car broke down. He knew he was close to his distination but ended up with amputation of fingers due to frostbite. He went round in circles in a whiteout.
      In Norway it is extremely unwise to hike in the mountains without a good knowledge of map reading and use of compass.
      Better to take into account the character of the landscape, and if any doubt, it is wise to ask the locals.

      • Yikes, that story with your friend is harrowing. But an important reminder to be prepared when venturing out.

        I really want to hike those Norwegian fjords and mountains one day! Will definitely be prepared. 🙂

  2. I once navigated by the sun and found myself going off course by 45 degrees (maybe more). Luckily I ended up in a place I already knew, but it was a bit unnerving. The mind has a way of making the terrain around you ‘fit’ the map. (On another occasion I ended up coming out of a wood on completely the opposite side, but that’s another story!)

    • Thanks for that story, Mike!!
      I live close to a lovely forest. I don’t need a map anymore but it’s a great feeling to find myself lost once in a while ☺
      It is interesting how the brain sometimes succeed in cheating us.
      Better be awake and aware ☺
      We have many memorable walks. But we always find deep pleasure to talk about those where everything went wrong. Not to concider it as a goal but – 😊

      • Yes, it’s strange how we find getting lost funny – after the event!! Another time was when two friends and I were on holiday in Guernsey. We hired bikes and as we left the pub (could have been the reason) we, well I, missed a turning and after a few more turns and asking someone the way, we ended up back where we started!! They’ve never let me forget that one! (It must have been 40 years ago now, but I still recall the pub was called the Hugue Fugue and there was a witch attached to the chimney. I’ve never been back, so I’ve no idea if it still exists!)

      • Haha! I understand why that story is still alive 🤣.
        I’ve had the bad habit of arranging walks for friends without checking home transport.
        The results were a few very quick finishes before nightfall 😊

      • P.S. Just remembered that it was the summer of 1979 as my mate Martin decided he wanted to enter the Guernsey Open Athletics Championships. He was a pretty good sprinter, so he entered the 100m and the shot putt. (He was good at that too). So, for fun we formed a 4x100m relay team with another guy who was on holiday. We finished 4th of 5 teams, beating the 1500m team which was hastily put together about 30 minutes after they’d completed their race! Happy days!

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