A Wooded Path in Autumn

Hans Andersen Brendekilde was a Danish painter, 1857–1942.
Title: Wooded Path in Autumn, Date 1902. Painting: Oil on canvas.

I once saw a grass snake at the size of an over dimensional bicycle tube in one of the small paths.

The snake was enjoying the sun, but withdrew smoothly into the bush. A breathless moment it was.

There are several wooden bridges in the bog. They become slippery like soap during the winter months.

Always an exciting moment to climb a bridge 😊

18 thoughts on “A Wooded Path in Autumn

    • It is a beautiful season. Now the leaves fall and what remains, shines like gold. It is well planned 🙂 ❤
      All the best,

  1. There are adders near me and I always get told off by my wife for walking in that area in case one bites me!

    • I don’t know anything about adders, but I read a bit information after your comment. It’s very interesting 🙂
      The adder’s venom can vary in strength. The poison is adapted to the size of the prey it used to catch. The larger the prey, the more poison.
      I would be careful if I walked in grasses, twigs, branches and between shrubs. Especially if you walk alone. Because if you get bitten, you have to keep calm and seek medical attention or the nearest hospital.
      It is difficult when you are alone.
      One of the most dangerous animals we have in Denmark are ticks. There are three stages. The nymphs are very small and difficult to spot. There can be several unpleasant diseases associated with ticks. TBE virus is the worst; Central European Encephalitis, but Lyme disease can also be very unpleasant.
      But you didn’t mention any ticks 😊
      Wish you loads of happy walks!!!
      All the best,

  2. Beautiful colors, and a stunning painting! That is something I miss on the northwestern coast: leaves are blown off before they can change color

    • Thank you, Anuscka. I do understand the urge for autumn colours.
      You, in turn, have a unique sky, and a wonderful marine environment.
      Hope you’ll have a blue autumn sky with drifting white clouds. (That’s my favourite 😊)
      All the best,

  3. Love todays page. Autumn always been the season to bring out the best in the arts, spoken, written or graphic…… just a shame it has to be followed by winter 🙂

    • Thank you, David. Autumn is a marvellous season with so many colours and warm sun light.
      Funny thing about winter. I have crystal clear memories of scenery so wonderful that it seems like a dream – covered with fresh snow of course 😊
      All the best,

  4. Wonderful autumnal colours, mirroring the painting as Peter says above. I saw a grass snake by the side of the road, sunning itself. When it sensed me, it slithered away. A little way on, I saw another one, but it looked different. Turned out to be an inner tube.

    • Thank you, Peter. I love the painting of H.A. Brendekilde. The motive reminds me of a place along the Millriver where I live.
      Would be great fun to create a similar picture 🙄😊

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