8 thoughts on “Travelling back in time

    • My answer is a little delayed, Robert. It’s due to the unrest two hundred years ago. I had to avoid the wars against England and against Germany. I also wanted to avoid the cholera epidemic in Copenhagen.
      However, the nature was adventurously beautiful 😉😊

      • ha! 🙂 Yes, it’s easy to see the past through rose-colored glasses, but we wouldn’t much like time-traveling into a war, or living in a time without vaccines or antibiotics, etc. Or when it wouldn’t be proper for women to take unescorted walks. But a carriage ride looks pretty nice!

      • The conditions for a time travel is undoubtedly difficult to get right, no matter how many things you try to take into account 😐😀

  1. Jeg er bare vild med det billede med den krydsende hjort. 🙂
    Iøvrigt altid fascinerende når man kan køre baglæns (i tiden) forlæns. 😀

    • En hjort i modlys er ikke at kimse af 😊
      Det kræver omtanke at rejse baglæns. Der er ingen grund til at føje en Kolera epedimi til en Corona pandemi 😓

    • Thank you very much, Peter. The landscape is always changing. The clouds, the animals and the varied movement of people.
      It’s a cultivated landscape, yet it has so much variety to offer.
      It’s always a pleasant surprise and worth exploring 😊
      All the best,

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