8 thoughts on “On The Small Roads

  1. I had to think for a brief period of time before I understood that Sjælland means Zealand, and now I know it’s totally obvious. My country too has a Zealand (in my language: Zeeland) Wonderful pictures of your bike ride. Summer! The country side is different from ours, more hilly, but at the same time it has many resemblances.

    • Hi Peter. I love hills – in a rested state 🙂 In some places, Denmark is characterised by the ice age. A few gravel piles here and there.
      It is wonderful to cycle past rolling cornfields while the clouds drift off into the sky and create lovely shadows over the landscape. It’s almost like flying.
      And to cycle along the Wadden Sea – Wow. I guess you can do that.
      All the best and take care!!

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