The last Day in May

Wind in my hair and the scent of lilacs.
The blackbird is singing, accompanied by a woman’s soft humming.
That is the poetry of nature the last day in May.

A wonderful Hawthorn

Tucked between the trees is a magnificent house listed in oak for the deer’s food

One among many moods of the ancient Rådvad

An anonymous mass grave from the cholera epidemic in Copenhagen in 1853, is hidden under hawthorns inside the gate of Taarbæk

Click my picture above to read my post about the Death and the Hawthorn

A path along the anonymous graves in Taarbæk

The pond at Rådvad

Another atmosphere provided from Rådvad

6 thoughts on “The last Day in May

    • Thanks a lot! It’s a great experience to be out in nature at the moment. Very life-affirming.
      All the best,

  1. I read the previous post too and your strange encounter. Superstitions about hawthorn…in Britain it’s unlucky to bring it into the house as it will bring death, in some areas believed to be to the mother of the house. So much tree lore! And so interesting.

    • Hi Margaret. Thank you so much for your contribution! Yes, it is quite exciting to read about Hawthorn’s impact on people. Love every bit of it 🙂
      All the best,

    • Thanks a lot, Lone. It is very rewarding to take an excursion in and about Jægersborg Deer Park. The nature never fail to impress one way or another 🤗😊
      All the best ❤

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