Fragrance Of Autumn

We have wonderful days now. Between rainy days, the sun breaks through and the delicate scents of wet foliage bring back memories of the springtime forest.

18 thoughts on “Fragrance Of Autumn

    • Hi George. I have a small competition running here in Denmark. March, April and May are so beautifully bright with the fragrance of flowers everywhere. The air of October and November are dry and clear with an explosion of colours. Spring is full of promises, while autumn can feels like the end. How lucky we are to inhale such nature full of impressions and inspiration and … 😎😊

    • Thanks a lot, Peter!! I do enjoy the colours of the season.
      I admit, I’m happy with the picture as well. There is a lightness in the impression. The colors are almost pastel and highlight the man on the bike 👍😊

  1. Beautiful colours and photographs! Very envious reader here in Australia having just had a 36º day with a dust storm. And it’s not even summer!
    Enjoy the crispy autumn for me!

    • Thanks a lot for your comment. I’d rather not change weather with you. Hopefully it will be better soon 🤞
      I will do my very best tomorrow where the chances are best.

    • It is a lovely saying! – And we are very lucky to have four of them 😊
      The sun is out tomorrow. Looking forward to the day!

  2. Your description exactly describes the fragrance we encountered in the woods on this day in Spain, hiking the Camino de Santiago! Though it is Autumn, the air smelled like Spring. Thank you for putting it in words and pictures.

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