A memorable boat trip

I’ve been on a fantastic boat trip with the ship, Friheden.
Rainy and dark clouds threatened, but on the way out of the harbor of Næstved the clouds disappeared and the sun shone like on a summer day.


Rundfart Friheden

Karrebæk Fjord

18 Comments on “A memorable boat trip

    • Thank you ❤ x
      Interesting about the weather. 90 Kilometres away in Copenhagen a fierce thunderstorm caused a marathon race to be canceled. The runners were in danger and 4 people were driven to hospital due to lightning accidents.
      Huge hail rained down and the runners had to move in ice-cold water above the ankles.
      I don't think the race will be forgotten despite the cancellation midway.

    • It is a real gem in the Danish nature, Montucky. The environment is authentic and the atmosphere is lovely. A very life-affirming experience 🙂
      Thanks a lot!

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