Autumn Is Here

We walk past the clay pit turned into an azure lake.
Before there were excavators, now fish are swimming.
We walk past the weir and the yellow owl house.
The owl house because the owl chose the chimney as a lookout point.
Looking for the bird, knowing that it found a nice box without smoke.
Wandering along lakes with shoes disappearing in leaves.
It is October, Autumn is here.


Naturstyrelsen: Tokkekøb Hegn

9 thoughts on “Autumn Is Here

    • The ‘owl house’ lies close to a forester house. The owl house is a former sluice house.
      It’s a beautiful forest with ancient paths and dolmens. Always worth a visit 🙂
      Thanks Montucky!

  1. The yellow owl house. One could name a novel that. Or a song. I whispered a name/smoke rose to the skies/as if it were the lies/and the longing without a warning/next to the yellow owl house, early in the morning.


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