The Magical Fantasy

You don’t have to travel far to experience magic.
We are carrying the magic inside ourselves, though it needs to be rediscovered occasionally.
Small children don’t look for magic. The magic lives within them and they are surrounded by it.
Their world is full of trolls and dragons, castles and mountains. Tigers, lions and brave knights. Not necessarily in that order.
I met a young Spanish couple in Jægersborg Dyrehave. They looked so bewildered, that I asked if I could help.
Did I know the way to The Eremitage Castle? I pointed out the direction. They asked me if there was anything else I could recommend?
I told them about the very special Hawthorn that grows on the plain.
And about a place nearby where many people from Copenhagen were buried back in the 1800 due to a cholera epidemic.
And about the deer, I met the day before and while I told them about the nature I noticed the difference in their facial expression.
As if they woke up.
The woman spoke softly in Spanish to her boyfriend, and pointed up into the treetops. It was the ravens.
Their scream and busy life, tells about the fall.
The mood is suddenly magical.
The silence, interrupted by screams of the ravens, the roar of the stags and then silence.
And while we look in between the trees, shadows come alive.
Sometimes it’s a deer and sometimes it’s just fantasy.
Fantasy is magic.
The way they thank me when we part tells me they’ve just regained their magic ❤



23 thoughts on “The Magical Fantasy

  1. Autumn time is full of change. HIgh winds. Then mist and stillness. Decay and transformation. Coming to rest. Gathering energy. And in my own old age, I’m full of memories of magic moments of play in childhood and youth. And still, in-between my self and the world, there is play and magic creation of new experiences going on. Thanks for helping me think about this, Hanna.

    • Dear Ellington. Your lovely comment makes me think of ocean waves or a sine wave. Life has its own rhythm. As if you eventually find the pace of an intricate piece of music.
      All the best,

    • There is a lot of magic in the park, Mitza. When you think you know it all there are new discoveries to be found ❤
      Best wishes,

  2. You are absolutely right, Hanna. A good fantasy is pure magic! Don’t you think I know. 😉
    Excellent, vibrant photos. What a glorous time of year this is!
    Hugs to you from the Rhine Valley,
    Hanne x

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