8 thoughts on “The Boat

  1. This is nice! Great colours en kind of mysterious. Like the riders are waiting for the ship. I had to think of Indians on horseback, high up a table mountain , looking down in the plain where a cloud of dust heralds the nearing of the still unaware cowboy. The watching in your picture surely will have a more peaceful meaning, if at all. 🙂

    • Hi Peter. Thanks a lot for your great interpretation of The Boat. I like when imagination takes off.
      I could have called the picture for The Awakening.
      In fact, the picture hold many stories.
      It is the viewer who decides 🙂
      But I do understand the comparison with Indians high up on a table mountain ❤ …
      All the best,

    • It was a wonderful day in late August and suddenly they were there, the riders gazing toward the boat as if something spectacular was going to happen.
      Thanks Jo!

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