A tree with a view

I know! I shouldn’t complain.
Not after Irma or the devastating monsoon or the terrible forest fires.
But something has changed in Denmark, at least this year.
Large amounts of rain is about to set the record for the wettest summer in living memory.
Therefore I found the poem by Juan Olivarez very suitable:

At first I couldn’t get enough,
Now I just can’t make it stop.
No rain in the desert that was rough,
Around here there’s no dry spot.

It’s been raining everyday,
Since I came back to my home.
The sunshine just can’t seem to stay,
Hurricanes and storms, won’t leave us alone.

I like the rain like everyone,
But it’s been over done a bit.
We’ll need a boat before we’re done,
I’m about to throw a fit.

There’s a fish just swimming by,
Waving his soggy fin at me.
All I could muster was a ‘hi’,
From my perch up in the tree.

Juan Olivarez


26 thoughts on “A tree with a view

  1. Dear Hanna, it’s frightening what the weather is doing the world over. Though your pictures look simply stunning, so lush! After the rainy summer in Europe I was looking forward for the sun here in Dubai, but I know I will miss autumn and its colours. Love, Peggy

  2. Oh, I do feel for you, Hanna. There’s nothing worse than dreary grey skies. 😦 Well, yes- there is, of course, but it can be very depressing day after day. I don’t feel we’ve done too badly this year, but it’s been very ‘mixed’. 🙂 🙂 Nice weather for ducks!

  3. We are living in a changeable time, Hanna. I totally agree. And wonderful how you combined your photo set with the poem. Thank you for sharing this amazing photo selection. I am looking forward for a golden autumn season.
    Have a beautiful weekend,

    • Thank you so much, Stefan for your lovely comment. I think the autumn is going to be outstanding because the leaf is so plentiful and everything is lush. But lectured by this year’s experience I will await the outcome 🙂 🙂
      All the best,

    • Thank you so much, Leya. “There is beauty in everything, even in silence and darkness.”
      I like that quote by Helen Keller and the depth and optimism.
      Today I sat enjoying the sun for 15 minutes. I could feel the warmth from the sun so I unzipped my jacket and then it started to rain while the sun was still shining. So I stayed 🙂 🙂
      Wish you some sun tomorrow!!

  4. Wonderful photos show us Denmarks beauty, dear Hanna. You are completely right about the weather. It has been extemely wet and cold here, too, no summer at all. Some days ago we had a storm, too, where two people died in Hamburg. I don’t know what happens to the earth.
    Anyway I’m happy to fly to Greece for 3 weeks in order to get some sun and warm sea. Have a nice day, kind regards Mitza

  5. Absolutely awesome post, Hanna!! Gorgeous impressions and what a lovely poem. We had the strongest torrential rain I have ever experineced in England this morning. Wow, it’s wet! 🙂
    All the best, hugs from Cley x

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