A Walk in a Bog with Frogs

I went for a walk in the bog but many paths are flooded, though the green frogs have crowned days. Frogs with crowns…

20 Comments on “A Walk in a Bog with Frogs

    • Dear Mathilda. I’ve never seen that many frogs at the same time. The frogs like flooded paths 🙂
      Happy weekend ❤

      • Das sind wirklich viele Frösche 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸 und ich möchte sie mal hören, wenn sie ein Konzert geben 😂😁🤣

        Herzliche Grüße von Mathilda ❤❤❤

      • I haven’t heard the concert, Mathilda but it is said to have many vocal group 🙂

  1. Really wonderful Hanna. I wonder if one of them is the prince I’m always waiting for? Regards Mitza

    • Haha! Mitza, I have acquired a very superficial knowledge of probability theory. If there’s a prince for every hundred frogs, you’re gonna pull a lot to find the prince because I don’t think they are princes everybody!
      (Danish humour)
      Wish you many happy hours ❤

    • Thank you, Montucky. It’s a bog which always offers new nature experiences. The bog isn’t very big but still part of a lovely larger coherent natural area. An area that offers lovely trails.

  2. Beautiful, hanna – I love frogs. Used to “grow” them as a child and when my own children grew up. A wonder every time their evolution.

    • I’ve never tried to “grow” them, Leya. It’s a flaw in my upbringing, but I can still make it.
      The frogs evolution is truly a miracle. I found this brilliant article about frogs on Wiki. A treasure trove of information for the uninitiated 🙂 : A treasure trove about frogs
      Thank you, Leya ❤

    • Thanks a lot! It’s an interesting study and quite an amazing experience when frogs croak in choirs 🙂
      Wish you happy walks!!

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