Caught Up in a Thunderstorm

We are experience an exciting summer weather. Thunder and the most violent rainstorm I’ve ever experienced suddenly replace lovely sunshine.
When I drove home from the beach the other day a woman was heading home on her paddle board.
Bad weather was coming up and she looked fragile with her profile against The Oresund Bridge and the windmills and no visible coast.
But of course the coast wasn’t far away.
I got home before the storm broke loose but I wasn’t that lucky two days ago but that’s another story.

Did you get caught up in a thunderstorm recently and what steps did you take to stay safe?

8 Comments on “Caught Up in a Thunderstorm

  1. Beautiful pictures Hanna! I wish we would have a thunderstorm here, but not a dry one. It has been so hot and dry.

    • Thanks Montucky. Yes, the weather is acting alarming and I think we have just seen the beginning.
      I hope you will have a quiet persistent rain!!!

  2. Beautiful! Here we also had a thunderstorm, but some miles away from where I live. Windy all summer and spring though…no great summer here unfortunately. I always wonder how insects and butterflies manage this kind of weather.

    • Thanks a lot, Leya!! The bees have big problems in Denmark because of the cold, which makes it a miserable fruit year. No pollination, no fruit. At least not many. How many insects have you washed off your car windows this year?
      I hope to visit Sweden this summer despite the bad weather 🙂

  3. So many beautiful pictures. 🙂 We have bad weather here in Sweden as well. I haven´t been close to the ocean yet. 😀

Have you experienced anything like this? Your comment or your story is very much appreciated!

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