A Bit Shaken But Not Stirred

For a start it was like any other walk I’ve been on but then I came down to the lake.
Once it was a necessity to pull off shoes and socks on this side of the lake when strong wind came in from west.
I don’t need it today because the new bridge is raised half a meter above previous level.
Sometimes it’s nice with challenges, but today I’m happy to keep my shoes on.
The temperature is just above freezing, and the wind is 15 to 20 m/s.
Maybe my pictures got blurred but then you know why. I was a bit shaken but not stirred.
When you shake a Martini small fragments of ice are floating on top and that’s exactly how I felt when I left the lake behind me. Chilled to the bone.

24 thoughts on “A Bit Shaken But Not Stirred

  1. Great shots, Hanna. You had a rough time! We had a storm and the highest tide last night. We went out for a long walk in the sunshine today and saw loads of scenes like your last photo.
    Take care, x

    • Thanks a lot, Hanne. Often there is an odd sort of relief to take a walk after a storm. A kind of assurance that the world is still standing and sometimes even in sunshine 🙂
      Wish you happy walks!!!

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