An Entertaining Stroll In The Citadel

I’m standing on top of the Citadel’s ramparts looking over the harbour while swallows fly closely by. I am sure the birds benefit from the steep ramparts one way or another.

Particularly two traditions link the Citadel to the public holiday, Stor Bededag and the night before.

Best known is the custom of eating warm wheat buns on Stor Bededags evening. The reason is that not even the bakers were supposed to work from sundown the night before Stor Bededag and throughout the following day.
Therefore very large wheat buns were baked the day before which people could take home to heat and eat the next day.

However, the wheat buns were eaten the same night – while they were still warm and crisp.
Today it is possible to buy the wheat buns all over when Stor Bededag is approaching.

The second tradition normally associated with Stor Bededag, was the habit of Copenhagen’s bourgeoisie walking on the ramparts on the evening of Stor Bededag. The custom can be traced back to the 1700s and is said to be caused by the melodious chimes of Our Lady Church’s carillon, which lured people of Copenhagen out on a stroll to enjoy the newly sprouted, spring green linden and chestnut trees.

The carillon was set up in 1747 and destroyed by the British bombardment in 1807 the church’s spire was hit and crashed into the main building, which burned completely.

It seems that the tradition once again is popular among people from Copenhagen and every day might work

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10 thoughts on “An Entertaining Stroll In The Citadel

    • Gracias, Jacint. Los terraplenes son algo especial. El lugar está lleno de historia, y el hecho de que los militares todavía utilizan el lugar, aumenta la atmósfera.

    • Hi Resa ❤ Thanks a lot. Years ago I went into the citadel when the sun was going down. A soldier blew a reveille as the flag was dismantled. I get chills at the thought. Impressive in these surroundings ? YES 🙂

  1. En fin serie fra noe som synes å være et virkelig bra sted å vandre rundt i – og som jeg ennå ikke har fått gjort.

    • Hej Rune. Du må love mig at gå en tur på Kastellets volde, næste gang du kommer forbi.
      Jeg kan varmt anbefale et besøg.
      Langelinie er også et hyggeligt sted at gå en tur med fin udsigt over havnen.

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