Rådvads Miljø og lærker i Dyrehaven

Rådvad har en veldokumenteret fortid.

I 1643 begyndte man at producere landbrugsredskaber og våben i Rådvad ved hjælp af en lille vandmølle ved Mølleåen.

Rådvad ligger nogle få kilometer fra Jægersborg Dyrehave, og for en uge siden kunne jeg høre lærken synge ude på Sletten. Så er det forår, selvom det sner dagen efter.

I kan se Google’s kort over området, og høre Flemming Jensens gribende oplevelse af arbejdsliv og miljø i Rådvad på Kulturstyrelsen’s site under billederne.


Se filmen om Rådvads miljø

Kort over Rådvad

24 thoughts on “Rådvads Miljø og lærker i Dyrehaven

    • Kære Kjersti. Foråret er rigtignok på vej, det er dejligt. På søndag lover meteorologerne op til 12 graders varme. Jeg glæder mig 🙂
      Jeg kan forstå, at I har haft store mængder sne i denne vinter, men måske ikke over hele Norge. Jeg ønsker dig en rigtig dejlig weekend.
      Kærlig hilsen,

  1. What a delight it must be to walk in such beautiful surroundings. Your pictures are lovely! I would really enjoy visiting, I’m sure.

    • Thank you Jane. Sometimes when the place is very quiet, it’s like stepping into a fairy tale. It is very joyous and delightful. I think you would like it too. Raadvad has been a great inspiration for many artists and I hope it will stay that way.
      Wish you a lovely day,

    • Hi there Alen. There have actually been four friendly dippers. Four friends you could say on a vacation here in Denmark. They travelled away from the snow and ice in Norway and Sweden. Soon their holiday is over and I will not see them again until October. I’m curious. It would be great fun to see them ‘do a take off’ 🙂
      All the best, Hanna

    • Thank you, Karen. The place is lovely all year round. But spring is unique. Four white throated dippers landed by the stream in the fall. They are migratory birds coming from Scandinavia and Norway, Norway having them as their national bird. They are still there by the stream enjoying everyone who watch but I expect a take off soon 🙂 The birds only live where the environment is very clean.
      All the best, Hanna

  2. Again your pictures show the light of spring, there’s a lovely freshness to them! I’d like to know what goes on in those workshops though, local crafts perhaps? Here it is snowing then raining then bright sunshine but all the time a cold wind blowing! I think these days are neither winter nor spring; the in-between days.

    • Thanks a lot, Ash. It really was a joy to take those pictures 🙂 There is an interview with a man from one of the workshops. I can’t find the word for his occupation in English but he is a decorator and painter at the same time. Gilding graining marbling – classic craftsman working within paints trade. He did a work for our royal family of course, with gilding 🙂
      All the best, Hanna
      Malermester Flemming Jensen

      • I watched the video & although unable to translate the audio I was fascinated by Flemming Jensen’s work. I admire anyone who works in the arts & crafts field. Thank you for posting this information.

      • Well it wasn’t very polite knowing that you are not able to translate the audio, Ash.
        The video is about craftsmanship but mostly it’s about the place where he works. I like the authenticity in which he speaks about Raadvad.
        He tells that Raadvad is unique, it is a paradise. One can indulge in peace and quiet, be inspired and get the senses sharpened.
        He says that the soul is there the light is there, the atmosphere is there. There is a spirit from ancient times, he continues: There have been many types of industries and he have never had a bad experience of the room. This must be karma he says with a little smile. And he ends up saying that this is not a sophisticated place, but a place where you work.
        He has trained 46 apprentices in the workshop.
        I found this on Wikipedia
        Have a very nice day in your ‘between weather’ 🙂

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it, rabirius. The area is very unique with forests, lakes and a huge river system shaped by the ice age. There once was established water mills with small industries in addition to the river. Now there are small workshops in the old factory buildings in Raadvad, with a great atmosphere ❤

    • That is the word I’ve been looking for Cindy. One morning when the fog was dense I rode my bike to Raadvad. The whole place was enchanted. I know you would have enjoyed it 🙂

  3. Beautiful pictures. Your post is like a window to the Spring for me, because behind my window right now is the snowfall. We expect 10 cm today. Hopefully it is the last one. But who konws?! Thank you for sharing your Spring mood, Hanna.

    • Thank you so much, dear Tilda ❤ The place is like a treasure chest. There are always new things to discover and the place is packed with motives ❤ 🙂
      Love, Hanna

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