18 thoughts on “Which way to choose

    • I can understand that 🙂 Thank you Indah.
      I have loads of paths to choose between when I go for a walk. I often leave it to my instinct. Somehow it’ very relaxing. I appreciate that kind of trouble 🙂
      Wish you a great week,

    • What drives us forward as we walk. Is it exercise? Or is it the urge to explore.
      It is curiosity that drives me forward. The less-traveled path is a good choice. It motivates and increases awareness of the surroundings. The winding road prevents visibility and forcing us to be in the moment.
      It’s a good idea to have saved a path if you ever need one extra 🙂
      Thanks for your contribution 🙂

  1. Choosing the correct path is always a dilemma, Hanna. Those wooden people in the first picture look like they can’t make up their minds.

    • You are able to fill a whole library with books about choosing the correct path, Alen 🙂
      I very much appreciate the different interpretations of my post.
      You were right about the wooden people 😀 I thought they made a nice introduction with their bewildered expression.
      All the best,

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