Between Showers







12 Comments on “Between Showers

  1. Peacefull environment! The sign of cold winter is a lot of rowanberris. It looks you have plenty of them. Are you ready, Hanna, for the cold and snowy winter?

    • When there are many red berries in the fall it will be a harsh winter. It’s fun with the old weather warnings, Alexander. Some Forecasts also fits to a certain extent. It is strange you ask if I’m ready for the cold and snowy winter. I was just thinking about it when the news recommended people to switch to winter tires on their cars.
      The summer has been great and so has the fall. So yes! It would be unfair to complain. It is a question about the right clothes and good boots 🙂
      All the best,

    • Thanks a lot, Ash. The rain freshens it all up. Although we can manage with less 😀
      All the best,

  2. Stemningsfyldte billeder (er det en anderede der er sat i blød øverst – farverne på denne tid er bare så flotte og hvis himlen skulle være lidt utæt så findes der meget behageligt og let regntøj – de store tunge gule regnjakker med tilhørende bukser og sydvest har alternativer… 😀

    • Ha ha! Det er næsten rigtigt 🙂 Det er en svanerede.
      Du har ret, der findes mange alternativer til det gule sæt. Jeg har mange gode historier om regnvejr, og hvad man ikke skal gøre 😀 Det kan nok give inspiration til et nyt indlæg.
      Mange hilsner til dig,

  3. Yes. Great pictures. That first one has a Tolkien feel about it. If you look away for a minute and then look back again the roots have moved.
    Cheers, Alen

    • Ah! It could well be the place where the Hobbits are hiding on their way to the The Prancing Pony. Before they cross the Brandywine River.
      Thank you, Alen.

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