… det var maj som kom.

Nu kom der en dame ud af vognen. 

 “Frøken Maj!” sagde hun. I sommertøj med galocher; hun havde en bøgebladegrøn silkekjole på, anemoner i håret, og hun duftede dertil sådan af skovmærker, så skildvagten måtte nyse. “Gud velsigne Dem!” sagde hun, det var hendes hilsen.


Hun var nydelig! og sangerinde var hun; ikke på teatrene, men inde i skoven; ikke i teltene, nej, i den friske grønne skov gik hun og sang for sin egen fornøjelse; hun havde i sin sypose Christian Winthers “Træsnit,” for de er som bøgeskoven selv, og “Smådigte af Richardt,” de er ligesom skovmærker.

Tolv med posten, Et eventyr af Hans Christian Andersen


12 Comments on “May

  1. Dear Hanna, that is a very beautiful greeting for the May. It seems you have wonderful weather. It seems we have entered the Eisheiligen (as we know them in German) today. So thanks for the sunny pictures. Have a nice weekend, Peggy

    • Thank you for your lovely comment. It put me to work 🙂 I have never heard the German phrase before. But The Eisheiligen made ​​me think of a concept they have in Sweden, Järnnätter. It requires a little more research, I will do that later. It is an interesting topic.
      I wish you a nice weekend, Peggy.
      Love, Hanna

      • I think they usually come around the 10th of May. I have to ask my dad, he is a gardener. There are some plants he will not bring out before than, because of the risk of frost. Today the weather is lovely again. Love, Peggy

      • Thank you so much, Peggy.
        Let us enjoy the beautiful sunshine while it is here 🙂
        Love, Hanna

  2. You like your Hans Christian Andersen, Hanna. Together you have captured the magic of May. No month is more special. It is when the world truly begins to awake.
    All the best, Alen

    • Alen, May is full of life, colours, scents, promises and brings new energy to neglected projects 🙂
      Tomorrow and Tuesday the sun will shine upon us and make us happy in the lid that’s a danish saying 😉
      All the best,

  3. ¡Colores de mayo, frescos de hierba nueva, verdes y amarillos! El campo se viste de gala… magníficas fotos, querida Hanna, y muy muy especial ese canto a la vida que se renueva…
    Besos y abrazos!

    • Querida Bárbara. Gracias por tu hermoso resumen usted. Mayo es un mes muy bonito, cada minuto cuenta.
      En mis pensamientos yo envío un hermoso buganvillas en flor a usted en España 🙂
      All the best,

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