Blå himmel og forår i dag

Fantastisk vejr i dag, solen varmer og sneen smelter. Vi var en tur i Dyrehaven nord for København. Vi fik en oplevelse af at stå ved fjeldovergangen i Valdresflya, sjov oplevelse.








Selv fiskehejren tog solbad!

4 Comments on “Blå himmel og forår i dag

    • Tak for det, Bente.
      Vi har lige haft 3 forårsdage med et helt fantastisk vejr, dokumentation følger.
      Rigtig god aften til dig,

  1. Fantastiske billeder, Hanna. Så farverige med løftet om foråret. Det heron billede er fantastisk.
    Cheers, Alen

    • These are some fun birds, herons, in spite of their height and the wingspan, weighing not more than a hen:-)
      When they are on guard, their necks grow with a meter.
      It was bitterly cold one night a month ago. Next morning eight herons stood on a small meadow in the sunshine warming themselves.
      I think one of the herons was surveyor, for it looked as if there was a well-defined distance between them. Yesterday, a heron flew in a group of close trees, its wingspan is almost 2 meters. The surveyor had a day off.
      I also hope that spring is on its way to you, Alen.
      Many greetings to you

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