10 thoughts on “Walk softly when you walk among herons

    • The plumage of the heron is truly impressive and interesting. The white feathers it has on its chest are used to clean its beak. The white feathers grow faster than the rest of the plumage. Brilliant! 😊

    • Thanks, Robert! We have a park in Copenhagen with 16 breeding pairs, and they are relatively tame.
      Denmark protected the heron in 1980, and since then the population has tripled. But a biologist warns against coming to the aid of a heron in distress – because of its beak. Instead, you have to call in professionals to help. I will follow that if it becomes relevant 🙂

    • Haha! I can easily follow your thinking, Peter. The yellow eyes are very intense with the large black pupil!
      We have a biologist in Denmark who warns people against helping a heron in distress. I will follow that 🙂
      The population has tripled since the bird was protected in 1980.

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