Bring a Bowl of Bugs and Spiders, Please!

They all came to see the ducks! Two mandarin ducks. Brightly colored! And very rare in Denmark.

I got a few pictures and left again. After all, I could end up in the water among the ducks. There was crowded on the narrow nature trail 🤗

On the way to my bike there was a slight movement in the green moss.
There he was, Robin.

It was, as if he said: “Haven’t you gone wrong?
It’s the two big glamorous ducks they all want to see. Well, you’ve seen them! And you’d rather look at me?”

Yes, I thought so when I saw Robin flip and spin and finally fly down in front of me.

Robin was a top model that day, he was awesome. What do you pay Robin per hour. I should have had my pockets full of crispy fresh insects 😊 Or a bowl of bugs and spiders.

25 thoughts on “Bring a Bowl of Bugs and Spiders, Please!

    • It is a beautifully worded call! 🥰🦉
      Birds are interesting. They entice with their freedom.
      Where are they coming from and where are they going?
      They don’t have any baggage.
      They travel light!!🤗

    • Yes, it is a wonderful little bird, Ab. One dark day I was walking over rain-soaked fields when another storm set in with thunder in the distance. Before I could complain about the rain, it had stopped. And at the same time I heard the beautiful song of Robin. It was a stunning change of mood, and an incomparable example of why I love that bird 🤗🥰

  1. Very cute little creature, I hadn’t realized the robins in Europe are a different bird than the ones here. Definitely you should travel with a bowl o’ bugs to treat them to lunch.

    • Yes, the bird is wonderful. I didn’t realize there was an American either 😊
      I’d better pack a picnic basket. If I remove the bark from fallen trees, then I think lunch is ready 🪲🐜🦟🕷️
      Otherwise, the world’s best restaurant was about to plunder Robin’s food base.
      The Danish Michelin restaurant, Noma had tree ants on the menu. It was, however, banned on the basis of an EU regulation and not for the sake of Robin 😊

    • Thanks a lot, Lynette. Cutie is a lovely description for Robin ❤️
      It’s spectacular how such a small bird can mean so much 🥰😎

  2. What wonderful images of Robin, Hanna! And yes, he knew what he was doing! Ducks, tsss, how vulgar. We know who is the real gem in these woods. Bugs and spiders next time we meet? We got a deal! 🙂

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