A Sunny Winter Day

The deer are lying in the grass. People are free and enjoying a walk in the sun.

A sea eagle circles high above, but disappear in the absence of prey.

Fantastic day after a Christmas with dark clouds and rain.
The chill factor is minus 1 degree. I think about how much the factor is when cycling. But there’s no reason to dwell on the cold, so I rush off to be sheltered by the woods 😊

22 thoughts on “A Sunny Winter Day

  1. Lovely pictures of the deer. Wild life photography must be hard. You have done an amazing job with the clicks. Not to mention about the great write up.

  2. Dear Roger. I think we’ve got NZ’s conditions.
    Rain in buckets as far as the weather forecast goes. No need for sunscreen ⛈️⛈️

    • Thank you, Klaus! I always favors the Irish salute so here’s one for you and the other three 🥰:

      May joy and peace surround you,
      Contentment latch your door,
      And happiness be with you now,
      And bless you evermore.

      All the best,

    • Thank you so much, Ab!! The most epoch-making thing I have experienced was when a large red deer with countless antlers was about to step off my shoe.
      I was frozen 😅😅

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