The Fourth Sunday of Advent

A snowy day today in Rude Skov on a wonderful day in December.
Many people enjoyed the trees in the forest as they stood dressed in white robes.
Tomorrow wind is forecast from the south with rain and dark clouds.
But it will be easier to go on a bike trip 😊

16 thoughts on “The Fourth Sunday of Advent

    • If only you knew, Ab. All the children were out on the last snowy day. Small and large, i.e. children and adults 😊
      The children were skating along the bank. Children and adults rolled down slopes, and there was laughter and joy like a summer day by the sea. Det giver god mening med sne 😀

    • Thanks a lot, Mike. It was an absolutely wonderful day, and everyone was aware that it was the last snowy day this round.
      These snowy days have been something special. Frost has been there most of the time and we have avoided the dangerous slippery pavements until today.
      Today it was raining and black ice occured in the most unimaginable places. I think the staff are really busy in the emergency room.

      • Well I hope everyone is OK. We’ve had a massive temperature change from below freezing to 12 degrees in a matter of a day or so. Hopefully I’ll be back on the golf course tomorrow! 😊

      • I was serious (of course)… The wind blew strongly, but we managed to get round with only one short shower. My partner and I cam 3rd of 7 pairs. So not a bad result for my first game back in over 2 weeks. I’m expecting to play again on Thursday. So you can see now why my blog posts have dried up significantly!

      • Before we know it, you are playing against Tiger Woods 😊
        Good thing the shower didn’t turn into black ice, you could have ended up in the emergency room as patient number 151 if we include the Danes 😁
        Happy golfing, Mike!!

    • Thank you, Roger! All the snow are gone now. Lots of rain the whole day.
      But I have enjoyed the wonderful winter landscape for several days now. What a joy it is.
      The light is truely amazing!
      I wish you a very prosperous and happy Christmas.
      All the best,

  1. And when there is snow, you can ride on a kick-sledge (in Swedish: sparkstötting) as we do in Sweden : )

    • It could be fun to try. It looks nice when people use a kick sled. I’ve seen pictures and paintings of the snow wonder ❤️🎄
      Is there a brake on it, or do you put your foot down?

  2. No Hanna, there is no brake. You can, as you write, put a foot down and brake. Wishing you a beautiful Christmas!

    • Thanks for the answer, Håkon!! One probably won’t see that many kick sledge in skicrossing 🙂🙂 Then it would be nice to have a couple of brakes!!
      I wish you a very merry Christmas, Håkon 🎄☃️🛷

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