Where did it go?

Where did it go the little funny white throated dipper. I had no hopes of seeing the bird in this landscape.
All I wanted was to enjoy the peace and the vast landscape along the stream.
If I should catch sight of it and see it nodding and dancing, diving and flying low over the water then I would certainly be happy.
But there were other more focused birders, with telephoto lenses so big they were squishing under the weight. I did not envy them in the cold.
I hope they got what they came for. I got the joy of a wonderful white landscape 🤗

18 thoughts on “Where did it go?

    • Thanks a lot, Tanja. I don’t know if anyone saw the Dipper that day. I looked at something called the DOF-base, which is the Danish Ornithological Association’s internet-based database for records of observations of birds and other selected animals.
      The dipper is registered in the area a few times here in the month of December. I haven’t given up hope 😊

    • Thank you for your lovely comment! I love when small peaks of snow can balance on thin branches. Snow is a miracle ❄️🥰

  1. Well Hanna, this certainly is pretty! Especially I like the last picture, something in the colours, the blue perhaps, lovely. We haven’t got snow, yet, but we do have frost. -10 at night. At some places we can already ice-skate! 🙂

    • Thank you for your nice comment, Peter. It is lovely with frost. Do you skate?
      I skated when I was a child. Not on canals, but on a bog with my brother.
      Scattered street lamps provided enough light on the ice for us to orientate ourselves, quite practical – actually 😃
      Hope you get snow! – If you want it 😊

      • I used to skate Hanna. I’m not very good at it, however, since I got myself a pair of Swedish skates it went somewhat better. Unfortunately we haven’t had real ice for some time. I like to skate on the small lake near my city, but that needs a rather thick layer of ice and such ice is seldom these years. This spell of frost won’t be enough to provide it – yet. But who knows. Winter is still young. A bit of snow would be nice!

      • I don’t remember being particularly good at skating. But maybe it was because my brother ran away from us – backwards as we were trying to catch him 😁😊

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