18 thoughts on “Late Summer Light

    • Thanks a lot, Ali 😘
      I’m doing my outmost at the moment.
      Wonderful trails are waiting to be exploret or revisitet.
      Hope you have your share too!! 🙂🙂

    • Thanks a lot, Sarah and Jay!! I’m happy to have you with me in my picture ❤️🤗
      It is a wonderful time of year that we are entering 🍃🍂

  1. Like walking into a summer’s dream. It’s been so wet this winter here in New Zealand. I ran in a storm this morning. Wish I was there.

    • Thanks a lot, Roger. I hope you are okay!! The weather changes rapidly so one never know what to expect any more. We’ve had a persistent heatwave but luckily we are back to normal temperatures.
      I hope your weather will change soon. 🌤️🌤️🌤️🥰
      All the best

      • Thank you Hanna, I’m ok but all this rain is a bit depressing. I cant wait for some warm dry weather. I will pray.

  2. Magical… It’s like that in England, too. The last of the summer sun shines most vividly…

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