A Network of Tunnel Valleys

A wonderful walk with birdsong and the scent of lilacs.

The last ice age left the landscape with a network of tunnel valleys, and the calcareous subsoil and wetlands have created a varied nature with bogs, meadows, rich ponds, springs, grasslands, lakes and streams. 1 Egedal kommune

”The adventure is waiting for anyone who understands to grab it.”
Knud Rasmussen

10 thoughts on “A Network of Tunnel Valleys

    • Thanks for that! I’m happy to hear that.
      Check out this post of mine where I write about architecture and the importance of it (in danish)
      Are we happy?
      The post is illustrated with examples of successful constructions, according to my concepts.
      I find that the semicircular house, the glass house is a unique example of a great compromise.

  1. Those ice ages really had a lot to recommend them. They shaped the landscape in interesting ways, and after a barbeque, Paleolithic people had plenty of frozen storage for leftover woolly mammoth. This looks like a lovely region and a very pleasant place for walks.

    • The tunnel valleys are full of nature experiences, and are a unique recreational area.
      I like your way of portraying the relationship of our ancestors 😀
      A mammoth gave enough food for a few days if one was hungry 😂

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