A Road between Mleta and Gudauri in Georgia

What a scenario. What a hike!

From Mleta to Gudauri, date 1868. The Russian-Armenian painter, Ivan Ayvazovsky, 1817-1900.

6 thoughts on “A Road between Mleta and Gudauri in Georgia

    • Sorry about the delay, Mike.
      One might jump to the conclusion that it is I who are packing my home down i boxes 🙂
      I like the birds of prey down in the fog, it adds an extra dimension to my experience of the painting.
      Yes, there are majestic mountains in Switzerland, but to Race of the Five 4000m Peaks 🙂

      • Funnily enough, I’ve just come back from completing the Sierre-Zinal Cinq-5000 race. (I almost took a photo of said winding road hugging the cliff face, but my camera was in the back). I finished the 31km and 2,200m of ascent in 5h 14m 28s, which was waaaay faster than I expected. (You heard it here first!) 😊

      • Well done, Mike. 🏆💐😊
        I’ve seen pictures from some of the races on the net. Most people are looking very happy indeed despite the tough condition. It looks like a lovely event!

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