The Immortality of Spring

Spring – An experience in immortality.
~ Henry D. Thoreau

Now a lady came out of the carriage

“Miss May,” she called herself, and wore summer clothes and overshoes. She had on a beech-tree-green silk dress, and anemones in her hair, and she was so scented with wild thyme that the sentry had to sneeze...” * H.C. Andersen

21 thoughts on “The Immortality of Spring

    • I have found the most wonderful anemone forest, Ab. Some places in the forest, the flowers stand so close that it looks like the snow is covering the forest floor.
      The horse-drawn carriage just completes the poetry ❤ 🤗

  1. Beautiful photos – so nice to have Spring with us – although it is cold and rainy – snowed today in parts of the UK 😦

    • So good to hear from you, James! Yes, the weather is very changeable – Snow, Waow!!
      This April was the coldest month in Denmark for 30 years. We may reach about 24 degrees Sunday/Monday, a temperature change of 20 degrees. – We had only hailstorm today 😀😀

    • Thanks for that, Robert. To go for a ride in the woods by a horse-drawn carriage is a breathtaking and romantic experience. I had that lovely experience in the wonderful autumn before the place became a tourist attraction. Never forget it.
      All the best,

    • I think I know what you mean. I find the nature very fresh, the air is cool and the warmth from the sun is just right.
      I had a marvelous walk in Corsica once in the month of May. Many different flowers. Instead of white anemones, the forest floor was covered with alpine violets.
      The month of May is pure magic in Denmark too 🤗😀😉
      All the best,

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