15 thoughts on “Today’s Walk was Staggering

    • It’s been an interesting journey, Resa! I hope we all end up on a beautiful place where all people can thrive. Corona acts as a very effective developer fluid.
      Great to hear from you!!!
      Stay Safe ❤

  1. I love walking with you (virtually of course). Your photo depicts a grand, sunny day. Here in New England It was a misty, moisty morning with rain until late afternoon when a chill wind blew through and let the sun out for brief curtain calls.
    Is the weather weird all over the world?. I wonder.

    • Thanks for that, Holly. There are climate changes everywhere, but some geographical locations are more vulnerable than others. Even the Gulf Stream is weakened: “Atlantic Ocean circulation at its weakest in a millennium, scientists say” *The Guardian
      All the best,

    • It’s much appreciated, David. That’s what most people need right now.
      In fact, it was difficult to find a quiet place in nature. But we succeeded in the end 😀😊

      • Hard to be too critical of folk wanting to be out in the spring sunshine…… but a growing minority don’t seem to have any social care. Mind youbtoday we are back to winter fog and 4c at the highest. Spring is over for the time being 😃

      • In February, we had a 35 degree temperature difference over a week’s time. Unusual weather in Denmark, even in February 😊

    • Thank you, Ab. We are very fortunate in Denmark 😉
      Denmark is located in a unique place on the planet, where most of the weather and most air masses pass by throughout the year. With air masses and the changeable weather follows all sorts of clouds.
      Rain and cloudy weather is no exception 😁

      • You are probably so used to life there as being normal but from an outsider’s perspective, Denmark is such a progressive country. You all are living life the right way. Definitely on my wishlist to visit one day!

      • Thank you, Ab. I am happy to live in Denmark, and I am very conscious of the values we have in our country and how we live.
        I wish you a successful checkmark, with your Bucket List ❤ 😊
        All the best,

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