Worth remembering…

It has turned into some memorable walks throughout the year. Snow and clear weather provided us with a wonderful light. Beautiful spring days followed with an abundance of flowering trees and shrubs. Then came summer with a great intensity of bird song and a few weeks of hot weather. In the middle of September the rain sat in and it did’t stop again until Christmas. Well, it has varied between overcast, misty weather, fog and no sun. But it does good to think about the first half because it was infinitely beautiful.

An Irish Blessing:

May you live as long as you want, and never want as long as you live.

14 thoughts on “Worth remembering…

  1. This post is a feast of beauty.
    Thank you dear Hanna!
    Happy New Year! ❦🎉❦❦🎉❦❦🎉❦❦🎉❦❦🎉❦❦🎉❦

    • Thank you, Tanja!! I wish that 2020 might bring you a glimpse of many rare animals and birds. Maybe even a lynx –
      All the best,

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