Don’t Go Into That Rain

Bad weather does not exist! It is only a matter of clothes and positive attitude.
That attitude has worked for me for many years.
But a jammed jet stream makes me suffer together with many people and not only in Denmark.
It has caused the wettest autumn in man’s memory, and will probably end up making it the wettest year ever.
It is as if the sun has disappeared forever.
That’s why I visited my time machine – Autumn 2018. A necessity for maintaining a healthy mental state 🙂

The headline is not to be confused with one of my favourite poems by Dylan Thomas: Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night. Sorry about my black humour!

13 thoughts on “Don’t Go Into That Rain

    • Thank you, Jacob. I’m glad to hear there are breaks between the showers. It’s fascinating that northwest Jutland is sheltered by the Norwegian mountains. I like the thought!

  1. How sunny and colourful! Beautiful pictures Hanna. We seem te have the same old weather as you, wet wet wet (Isn’t that a name of a band? ) December is supposedly going to be wet as well, as are januari and februari. I read that a guy somewhere is building a ship and collecting pairs of animals. Hmmm… 🙂

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