The gate to Øresund

Yesterday we did a wonderful walk along the coastline and through the old town of Dragør. It is a very charming town with an interesting history dating back to the 1100s. The town’s location still has an impact on the ship traffic.

12 thoughts on “The gate to Øresund

  1. Un lugar precioso para vivir… cada día me gustan menos las ciudades y añoro más el campo y los pueblecitos costeros.
    Muchas gracias Hanna, por este post tan bonito.
    Un abrazo grande.

    • We need many beautiful oases everywhere, Barbara. Trees, shrubs and flowers take up some of the Co2 we emit, and beautiful flowering open gardens make people happy and balanced. Brooks and creeks replace noisy, polluting car traffic. Each distribution is organised more appropriately. People will choose the comfortable public transport vs their polluting private car. They are more likely to take their bike if the path is following a stream. We can start with some small test cities 🤗
      Big hug to you too, Barbara,

    • Hi David. The rain sure is a necessity!!! We are experiencing a brilliant solution at the moment. It rains at night and the sun shines during the day. But! Alas, if a rain shower falls during the day, it is usually mixed with thunder. Better keep an eye on the weather forecast more than once 🥴😊

    • Hi Robert. It is always a cheerfully and interesting visiting in the old Dragør. It is wonderful when that kind of urban environments are preserved.

    • That is very strange! We never talked about Olga Lau at home and now it turns out that my friend visited her when he was a little boy. She gave him a book with her name written in.
      Thanks for sharing your story!

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