10 thoughts on “Wild weather in Denmark

    • Thanks a lot, Tanja. I felt lucky for the roof over my head. Some friends of mine had a lightning strike in their garden near their thatched roofs. They got sore ears, but fortunately it was the only thing that happened.

      • The word caught is an accurate word for that situation. Better know how to act if/when the situation should appear.
        I’ve read about a couple who walked through a passport in the Norwegian mountains. They hadn’t noticed the change of weather when the woman’s long, blond hair rose from her head – That’s creepy!! 🥴

    • Thank you, Sreejith Nair. As you can see I did a bit of editing to match the weather 😲😊 Though the weather has been very unusually and quite dramatic for Denmark!

      • Climate change is here. You are right about that. The question is how the development will be. The Greenland ice cap is melting rapidly. I wonder what consequences it will have on the Gulf Stream.
        Hope you will have some rain soon!!

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