I found one butterfly

The Danish butterflies are short of flowers.
I searched for three days and found only one butterfly.
Might be looking the wrong places.
The beach is unlikely this time of year 😁
Create your own wild meadow with flower seeds to help the small birds.

6 thoughts on “I found one butterfly

    • Thanks a lot, George. I’ve always found this type of motif very inspiring. I added the painting effect to emphasise the timelessness of two boys’ fishing.

  1. Beautiful – and we have less of these beauties as well. I am trying to make a part of our lawn a meadow – but it isn’t easy. Maybe in a couple of years…

    • Thank you, Leya. You must peel the top layer of the lawn because it’s nutritious. The earth must be gaunt. The flower seeds are mixed with sand and spread over the soil.
      Your idea is wonderful!!

      • Thank you, Hanna – we never fertilize our grass, so there is not much nutrition there – only moss and tiny flowers. Would love to get the feel of a real meadow though. Thank you for the tips!

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