The magical ice age landscape

Sometimes you don’t want to go home. Like a child who is asked to leave a new toy behind.
Ancient sunken roads lies in the forest as a relic after the vikings. Old roads that once connected the royal seat in Lejre with Elsinore.
There are many places to explore in the woods and valleys.
I have trouble finishing the excursion. But I guess that’s the finest recommendation you can offer a place 💖

12 thoughts on “The magical ice age landscape

    • Thanks a lot, Mike. These are herds consisting of the breeds Texel and Gotlandsk sheep. The synergy of the two breeds is good.
      There is great variation in the landscape. The mill stream grows larger and larger through the landscape. The river creates lushness, life and beauty. Very optimistic 😊

      • Idyllic is the right word, Mike.
        I’m glad to bring news about a sheep name. The only reason for that is a search engine 😁

    • Thanks a lot, Resa. I do my utmost when it comes to nature ❤ It is the elixir of life 😊
      Wish you a wonderful spring!!! xx

  1. I would not want to leave this landscape either, Hanna — or those adorable ponies. Beautiful, beautiful photos, as always. xx

    • Wandering in an ice age landscape in the awakening of spring, where shrubs and fruit trees bloom, that’s the best I know. The birds are singing, the bumblebee is on a collision course, and the scent of fruit trees flowers are amazing 🤗😊

  2. Er det vandskelsvejen fra Roskilde til Karlebo, eller Gudernes Stræde ? Eller billeder fra begge ruter?

    • Tak for spørgsmålet!! Hulvejene ligger i den sydøstlige del af Terkelskov, Farum.
      Jeg citerer fra Skov- og Naturstyrelsen, Vandreture i Statsskovene, nr. 107:
      “Mange steder støder man i skovene på gamle veje og hulveje. Specielt i det sydøstlige hjørne af Terkelskov er hulvejene meget tydelige.
      I vikingetiden indgik vejene i et stort vejsystem, der muligvis har forbundet Helsingør med det daværende kongesæde i Lejre..”
      Billederne er fra Klevads Mose, Nyvang samt Kalkgården.
      Mange hilsner,

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