The Complaint

There are quiet in the forest. Birch trunks stand naked in the shade. Their branches reach up into the low sun.
Then suddenly I hear a strange sound.
The sound of thawing branches complaining their distress.
While the night’s hard frost turns into a liquid form, yet to freeze once more when it hits the forest floor.
The forest lies quiet waiting for the snow.

6 thoughts on “The Complaint

    • Kære Yvonne. Hvor dejligt at høre fra dig ❤
      Naturen er en kilde til evig inspiration. Jeg forsøger at følge med så godt jeg kan:
      If you can dream it, you can do it.
      Walt Disney
      …og Hanna 🙂

  1. Beautiful captured, Hanna. The Autumn period and colours are a bit melancholic but the special light is so unique. I really like the short period before the winter will come. Take care and keep you warm.

    • Thanks a lot, Stefan.You are right. This short moment before winter with bare frost and clear skies are a tribute to nature ❤
      Enjoy your walks!!

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