Sometimes ‘smultronställer’¹ shows themselves in nature quite unexpected and Søllerød Naturpark never fails to make my spirit fly high and to remember certain moments.

Woodlands and fields lie above the golf course on Rygaard Overdrev. I love the hilly area. The nature park is a continuation of Rude Skov and invites for a walk.

We often went by public transport in the past, when we wanted to explore an area.
It gives you the opportunity to begin the walk in one place and end up in another.
One sunny day not long ago I took Bus 150 towards Kokkedal Station and got off at Gammel Holte. I continued down Gamle Holte Gade and turned left just before Gammel Holte Vej.

Sometimes the path reminded me of Cumbria, of pictures I have seen from the moor in England.
Soon the path disappeared in a little lake and though I was wearing Goretex I went round and not through the new lake in order to keep warm and dry. Soon I was in the forest, Rude Skov and after a nice walk past Løje Sø I ended my walk at Holte Train Station.

Once again I had an overwhelming feeling of a longer hike. That’s what a walk can do for me when I plan the walk in the right way.

You should try it your self should you get the chance.

A smultronställe is a Swedish term for a place that is an undervalued gem. A place to feel comfortable, and hard for others to find. Often a place with a personal and emotional value. Literally smultronställe means a place of wild strawberries.

Søllerød Naturpark

14 thoughts on “A DELIGHTFUL WALK

    • Hi taphian. Thank you. It is a wonderful recreation area, with a varied nature. A lovely place of hiking, biking and fishing, and yes, the place is very peaceful 🙂

  1. It looks like a very lovely walk, Hanna. I love what you do with your pictures. It really adds to the charm and the atmosphere of a place. The colours and the artistic treatment really help me feel the warmth and the magic of actually being there. Thank you. 🙂

    • That’s a lovely compliment, Jane. Sometimes when you know an area very good it is a joy to combine the paths in order to vary the walk as much as possible.
      I did so yesterday and the weather had a lot of variation too 🙂 🙂

  2. Un paisaje encantador y relajante, invita a caminar. Me encantan tus fotografías y los efectos especiales, en algunas de ellas. Un abrazo Hanna!

    • ¡Mil gracias! Jacint, sé que usted tiene un buen ojo para los paisajes encantadores cuando vistazo a su paseo en bicicleta anual junto con sus amigos 🙂
      Un abrazo to you too 🙂

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