Today is February 2 and today is the Candlemas Day. This means that half of the winter has elapsed.
In the old days the pawn must have half the feed and grain for bread at Candlemas.
If the sun shines clear on Candlemas Day, a lot of snow will come. No snow in my own weather forecast, my image is an archive picture.
According to my calender the hedgehog is in deep winter sleep with a body temperature of 2-6 degrees.
Happy Light Light Celebration to all of you ❤


I dag er det den 2. februar, og i dag er det Kyndelmissedag. Det betyder, at halvdelen af vinteren er gået.
I gamle dage skulle bonden have halvdelen af foder og korn til brød på Kyndelmissedag .
Hvis solen skinner klart på Kyndelmissedag, vil der komme en masse sne. Ingen sne i min egen vejrudsigt, mit billede er et arkiv billede.
Ifølge min kalender er pindsvinet i dyb vinter søvn med en kropstemperatur på 2-6 grader.
Lad os fejre lyset. Rigtig god lysfest ❤

25 thoughts on “Candlemas

  1. I am late with this comment but happy belated Candlemas Day to you. It is hard to believe the dear little hedgehogs can still be alive at such a low body temperature. I was talking to my daughter recently about how when I was a child I always wanted to visit The Netherlands and I never knew much about Denmark Through your beautiful blog I now wish to visit your amazing country as well. Your skies, landscapes, coastline and ancient history are so attractive. Thanks for sharing your country with us. 🙂

    • Jane, I much appreciate your lovely comment ❤ I love the skies in Denmark . Some might call it Instagram Weather while people don't bother to go out unless the sky suits a great background for their self-portraits 🙂
      I might add that I choose places that fill me with curiosity and joy.
      I could easily make some posts which would bring more sadness into our world. But I think there are plenty out there already without having me contributing with more. Though sometimes I wonder if I should make a new socio-political-oriented blog but that's another story 🙂
      All the best,
      PS The country Georgia is high on my bucket list!!

  2. Hanna, I’m in the middle of reading a book, nothing to do with Candlemas or Imbolc, and its title is TOUCH THE EARTH. I had just closed the book and was checking my emails when your message arrived. Here is a short quote from it: “the man who sat on the ground meditating on life and its meaning, accepting the kinship of all creatures and acknowledging unity with the universe of things was infusing into his being the true essence of civilisation”, so said Chief Luther Standing Bear. It’s what’s missing from our 21st century lives: contact with and love for our Earth.

  3. Hej Hanna! Since noon we have blue sky (and a few fluffy white bits). The forecast promises snow tomorrow but it won’t last. Happy Imbolc!

  4. Har lige talt med mine gamle forældre på Samsø – de fortalte om lunt vejr efter årstiden men ret blæsende og grumset himmel, så der bli’r nok ikke meget sne at skovle der… 🙂

    Her skinner solen og vel omkring 16*C,
    men sandsynligheden for sne på Cypern er ret minimal… 😀

    Den med foderet er god nok, det ved alle vi af jysk afstamning… 😀

    Idyllisk billede med masser af stemning… 🙂

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