Heart-Sweetening Light!

I went for a walk in Hornbaek some days ago. The village is an old Fishermen Village. The wind blew cold along the beach but in the woods along the shore there were shelter and tranquillity. The area is very popular especial during the summer. The beach is attractive and the village is cozy with narrow streets and old houses.
Very soon spring will be here ❤

“It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.”
Rainer Maria Rilke

22 thoughts on “Heart-Sweetening Light!

    • Thank you, Resa ❤ It is a pleasure to find the beauty in all sorts of places it is very optimistic 🙂
      All the best,

  1. ¡Que bonita es la costa De dinamarca!!! No hay nada tan hermoso como el mar…Gracias, Hanna por esas preciosas fotos! Me encanta también la cita de Rilke.
    Muchos besos y un abrazo muy grande.

    • Querida Barbara. Me gustaría mostrar toda la costa de Dinamarca como una serie de fotografías. Las tranquilas playas planas, pequeñas bahías con árboles que se refleja en el mar, los acantilados y el turbulento mar del Norte. Todas las líneas costeras cada uno con su propio idioma.
      Busque Air France ❤ 🙂

  2. What glorious colours! You take such beautiful photographs, Hanna. I do love walks by the sea and this looks like an idyllic spot. I also love the quote. 🙂

    • Hi Jane. The coastline of Denmark is very beautiful. So it easy to get some nice shots 🙂
      Thanks a lot for your lovely compliment ❤
      Wish you a great day!!

  3. Unos colores inundados de luz. Hanna y el mar….. sois inseparables. Me ha encantado tu galeria. En mi pais, el invierno “ya” es primavera y los almendros han florecido hace días. Happy spring from Barcelona, Hanna!

    • How sweet of you to notice my affection for the sea. The light changes rapidly by the sea and you get a full experience from spectacular cloud formations. Sometimes it is overwhelming delightful 🙂
      It must be a wonderful sight with almond trees ❤
      Enjoy the spring in Barcelona, Jacint 🙂

    • It would be interesting to hear your opinion about the area. The woods still bear signs of the storms ravage, which is also a consequence of climate change, just as the fires you experience in Andalusia.
      The interesting case scenario occurs when the Gulf Stream turns. It’s a matter of cycle 💡
      Then snow will fall in your mountains or maybe not.
      Thanks for the nice words, Alen.

    • Thanks a lot, James. It is not a place to visit if you like to walk for hours in your own company but it is a cozy village and it’s a great place for a swim in the summertime 🙂

  4. Your post is making me very envious; we are having yet more rain and the forecast is for more strong wind too. Please keep sending these posts as they are the only thing brightening up my view just now. Hanna, you know how to give me the blues (haha)! And there are lots in your pictures too!

    • I don’t know if I should thank you because you are envious? I’d better be on the safe side, so thank you, Ash 🙂
      Today the weather is very gray, actually more black than blue!

    • Thank you, Isabel ❤
      I saw a Kingfisher yesterday!!!!! 🙂 …along a millstream with steep slopes – a flashing blue light!
      Feliz fin de semana,

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