Overnatning i Naturen

Camilla har skrevet til mig, og spurgt efter en shelter i Gribskov. Måske er I flere, som er interesseret i oplysninger om overnatning i naturen.

“Naturstyrelsen giver dig mange muligheder for at holde gratis ferie i naturen – også om natten.
Her kan du se mulighederne, og på specialsiderne kan du se, hvilke regler man skal følge, når man er på Nattur i Naturen.”*Naturstyrelsen

Skove med fri teltning
Små lejrpladser
Store lejrpladser

Gribskov, Denmark

I efterårsferien var De Gule Spejdere i Gribskov. De havde en række opgaver at løse i skoven, før de skulle møde på den store shelterplads ved Multebjerg.
Vi kom vandrende hen ad en skovsti, og pludselig var der en hel gruppe foran os. Vi havde ikke hørt dem. Der var ingen hujen og råben, men en hyggelig fordeling af opgaver, og væk var de uden at efterlade andet end deres fodspor.

Jeg bliver begejstret, når jeg oplever entusiasme, der gavner mennesker og natur på samme tid.


De Gule Spejdere

Lokalbanen fra Hillerød til Kagerup

21 Comments on “Overnatning i Naturen

    • Hi Amanda. Thank you so much for drawing my attention to the slow pace in loading. I’ll be aware of that in my next post.
      All the best,

    • Hi there Alen. Just thought, you get a little dizzy, if you eat Rød Fluesvamp! Just kidding 😀
      All the best,

      • I think it’s what they call a fly agaric in England. In the old days, people used to soak them in sherry then drink the liquid. It had certain effects that might be frowned upon today.

      • Citat Saxo: “This Sigvald had seven sons who were so adept at sorcery that they are often in a sudden fit of wild rage could find to expel horrible roar, biting their shields, swallow hot coals and skip right through the fire. And once it had broken out, there was nothing that could stop their madness before either was overpowered and tied or had an outlet for their bloodlust” Like in Asterix!
        It seems like everything can be related to the Vikings 🙂

      • The Celtic Druids used them, the shaman of Siberia used them, and the Vikings who fought in the rampage was under the influence of the red fly agaric.

      • There’s a fantastic series called The Last Kingdom just started on British TV. It’s about the Danes conquering England and the Angles fighting back. Very realistic. I’ll watch out for the mushrooms.

      • I just saw the trailer. Judging by the actors cry, they have been mushroom hunting first 🙂

  1. Lovely! I really like the horses, especially the very first one! Thank you, Hanna, and have a wonderful weekend! 🙂 🙂

    • Lovely to hear from you, Resa. Especially that ‘first’ horse was very beautiful in real life too. The sunlight liked it too 🙂
      Wish you a joyful weekend ❤ 🙂

  2. It’s nice that you didn’t hear the group of scouts as it meant they were being considerate of the wildlife and other walkers enjoying nature. They do a good job at helping out. The horse and pony pictures are beautiful! I used to ride horses many years ago. Another lovely post! 😀

  3. La naturaleza está para disfrutarla, pero también para respetarla. Es bonito ver a los jóvenes scouts que aprenden a disfrutar y conservar el medio ambiente. Las fotos son bonitas y los caballos me encantan. Un saludo, amiga.

    • Tienes razón, es un placer, Magnolia. Es un buen momento para practicar senderismo en Dinamarca en esta época del año 🙂
      Un abrazo grande, Hanna 🙂

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