On A Hot Summer Day

Messing about in boats is a meaningful occupation on a hot summer day 🙂

All this he saw, for one moment breathless and intense, vivid on the morning sky; and still, as he looked, he lived; and still, as he lived, he wondered.
Kenneth Grahame, The Wind in the Willows

Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.
Russell Baker


Messing about in boats

There is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.
The Wind in the Willows, by Kenneth Grahame

I’ve been to the northernmost point of Sealand, Gilleleje.
When I arrived the sun was shining, and relaxed people walked about, enjoying the hustle and bustle with ships being repaired, fishermen arranging their nets and some people preparing for supper in their boats. A wonderful cozy atmosphere dwelt over the place.

Messing about in boats – I can recommend that.


Gilleleje Havn

Gilleleje – Danmarks bedste ferieby 2015