A Summer Afternoon in August

A few days ago we had a wonderful summer afternoon, with a cool breeze from the lake. Good to be out and about in old settings to check if they were as beautiful as remembered 😊🥰👏

I love to see the summer beaming forth
And white wool sack clouds sailing to the north
I love to see the wild flowers come again
And mare blobs stain with gold the meadow drain
And water lilies whiten on the floods
Where reed clumps rustle like a wind shook wood
Where from her hiding place the Moor Hen pushes
And seeks her flag nest floating in bull rushes
I like the willow leaning half way o’er
The clear deep lake to stand upon its shore
I love the hay grass when the flower head swings
To summer winds and insects happy wings
That sport about the meadow the bright day
And see bright beetles in the clear lake play

~ John Clare

18 thoughts on “A Summer Afternoon in August

    • Hi Peter! The summer is an adventure just like in the poem.
      The last picture is from one of my many favorite places along the lake 🥰
      Have a happy weekend!
      PS You are quite good at cycling in the Netherlands 🙂

    • Thanks a lot!! I”m happy to contribute with this wonderful telling of a summer adventure. I have had my shares along the lake 🙂

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