Shades of Green

The forest weaves
myriad green shades
from lime and olive
to kelly green and jade
as it keeps on knitting
its cooling shade

Saiom Shriver

I have been out and about in bogs and forest. Fantastic lushness. Lots of blueberries are set out under the trees and tempt with a break in the shade.

20 thoughts on “Shades of Green

  1. We could do with some rain t get things greener again. Travelling on the train yesterday revealed how much of England is more yellow than green at the moment.

    • I just saw the news. The extreme heat is ravaging many places in Europe.
      The temperatures in Denmark in spring and summer have been lower than normal. Rain changes to sun. Just like the classic Danish summers tend to be.
      I hope you get a good quiet rain for weeks after the hot days !!!
      All the best,

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