The Rough Mountains of Corsica

Unforgettable walks in the rugged mountains of Corsica in the month of May.

Newly sprouted beech trees, alpine violets in the forest floor, rippling streams. An adventure by nature❤️

12 thoughts on “The Rough Mountains of Corsica

    • Hi Priti! Corte is the university town of Corsica in the heart of the island. The town is a wonderful starting point for hiking. Corsica’s only train runs through the city, taking you to cross-country hiking trails. Hikes between waterfalls and stunning scenery ❤️😎🎉🎈

    • Thanks a lot for your comment, Julie. Corsica is such an astonishing island to visit. Mountainous and with an overwhelmingly lush nature at the same time.
      Nature heals, even in pictures ❤️
      All the best,


    • That bridge is something! It was designed by Eiffel.
      No, it’s not the first thing that comes to mind, snow on a Mediterranean island 😎
      We visited the island in the month of May and there were many snow covered areas. The are selling tickets to a skiing resort until mid april.

      “There are 20 peaks that exceed 2000m, with the highest of the Corsican mountains being that of Monte Cinto at 2,706 m. ” * Peakvisor

    • It’s a paradise! One moment on a wonderful beach, the next through beech forest with waterfalls, to finally freeze in the snow-capped mountains. Truly a magnificent and contrasting landscape ❤️
      You are most welcome VJ !!

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