Almost A Christmas Tale

The snow fell, buses and trucks slipped off the road. Cars were stuck. Trees broke and blocked the railroad tracks
Two women had the closing guard in a shop close to the large furniture house, Ikea. They were allowed to stay overnight together with 30 customers and employees who also were forced to stay overnight due to the severe snowstorm.

Department store manager Peter Elmose said the staff prepared for a cozy evening in the staff dining room with food and delicacies, beer and the opportunity to watch football.
The overnighters slept in the department store’s exhibited beds and sofas and were offered coffee and rolls in the morning.

It happened on Wednesday in northern Jutland
It’s film material 🙂

 Drifting Snow by the Norwegian painter, Jacob Gløersen. Creation date:1889

14 thoughts on “Almost A Christmas Tale

    • I checked up on the rumors about Hollywood and the store manager from Ikea. Fierce discussions are going on about who should have the leading role. *
      Viggo Mortensen or Peter Elmose, the store manager.
      Those involved were not happy to comment, so my response is a bit delayed …
      *Pure fantasy! 😃

  1. I read this in the newspapers! I thought: if there is one place that is well equiped for an event like this, it is Ikea. (Suppose it were a brick and mortar store or a place selling fish…) It did for one second remind me of the movie Key Largo though. 🙂 The folks at Ikea did very well, and perhaps some day it will be a christmas story in it’s own right.

    • Hi Peter. I had to check out the film, Key Largo. A shortcoming in my upbringing, the film is a real classic. However, I have seen the Maltese Falcon and worked on John Huston’s last film The Death in an assignment in school.
      – But I love hiking on reefs in the sea. It is an amazing nature experience with sea on both sides of the trail. However, Key Largo has 4 lanes. It’s US and bigger.
      It is not inconceivable that we suddenly will see a feel good Christmas film in a few years. A film that ends with the text, this film is based on a real event 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩🛒🍺🎄😀
      Mortar and fish shops are no go 😊

    • Yes, it’s a funny story. Small and large newspapers around the world wrote about the event. Togetherness is (also) crucial when the weather gets bad 😊 Thank you, Ab.

      • I’ve shared it with colleagues too. We were talking earlier this week about how 2021 was filled with so many bad news stories, so I said, here’s a feel good story!

    • Thanks a lot, Klaus!! It is a lovely story and it went worldwide 😍😎😃
      Wish all of you a lovely Sunday!!
      All the best,

    • You are right about that, Mike 🙂
      Have you heard of Tan Hill In, Richmond? So many as 61 guests snowed in due to the storm Arwen.
      Apparently it’s been a heartwarming experience for many of the guests and some of them wouldn’t leave (they said). Telephone numbers had been exchanged and there was talk of a reunion.
      Some had booked rooms, but others had to sleep on the floor.
      But I guess you are familiar with that wonderful story too? 😃🎁

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